Beer for the ball game

I admit that I’m sort of a beer snob, but even I have limits, and one of those limits is the ball game. For some reason, excellent beer does not go well with sports.

If you’re at a professional sporting event that isn’t polo, you have no business sipping a Sam Smith’s oatmeal stout. To me, it’s totally wrong for the atmosphere, and if one drinks beer for pleasure, environment and mood cannot be ignored as factors.

When I’m sitting behind the first base line, give me a crappy American mass-market lager, preferably a Genesee or Iron City, any day. Play Ball!


2 thoughts on “Beer for the ball game

  1. On the contrary. Iron City’s aluminum bottles have had a place in my fridge all summer.

    It’s the best thing about seeing a Pirates game. After a few Iron Citys, the Pirates start to look competent.

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