Overrated beer of the week

Since yesterday’s post lionized Sheaf Stout, it’s only fiting that today’s should slam another Australian beer.

Yes, I’m talking about Foster’s Lager, a beer so bland, so bad-to-ordinary, that you couldn’t pick it out of the friggin’ Pepsi Challenge. According to the Foster’s website, “Its signature full malt character on the mid-palate blends well with a delicate creaminess and crisp, clean hop finish, creating a perfect balance to the beer.” But according to me, it’s Labatt Blue with a touch less corn flavor, served in a fat can.

The galling thing is, were it not for Paul Hogan and a vast marketing budget, Foster’s would be as rare as Sheaf on American shelves. It bums me out that people buy the “G’day, shrimp on the barbie” hype, try Fosters, find it mildly less exotic than Utica Club, and from that moment on take a slightly skewed view of all beer.

Of course, if you like Foster’s, by all means drink away. I don’t mean to imply that Foster’s fans are wrong or posess inferior taste. If this is your bag, enjoy.

That way, there’ll be less for the rest of us.



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