High Falls steps it up

Good times at High Falls Brewery. Head brewer Dave Schlosser is releasing J.W. Dundee’s IPA, the first India Pale from the Rochester Brewery since High Falls IPA in the mid ’90s. It’ll premiere at the High Falls Brewer’s fest July 29th.

Also, Genesee Cream Ale is making a resurgence. Look for a push on this venerable Rochester beer at both Monty’s Krown and Monty’s Korner. Hey, it’s a premium beer in the South…

Anyway, we’ll see you at the festival. Second session. -Mark


4 thoughts on “High Falls steps it up

  1. Actually there Sparkle Anne. Had you actually read the article correctly, you would have read that Genesee Cream Ale was the beer considered premium in the South. Not “Genny lite”. Love your attention to detail though.

  2. I’m looking forward to the IPA though I must say the Hefe Weizen was a disappointment. Given the name I was expecting it to be truer to the German style. But all in all the Dundee line has been very good since Dave Schlosser became brewmaster.

  3. Now, lets not get testy Donald. Question remains, in what South do you speak of that this Genny *CREAM ALE* is premium. I don’t have a problem with Genny Cream-just covering all my basis so the don de hoppe doesn’t have an attack of some sort-but I am just wondering.
    Also, Mark, I forgot to tell you about the Draught House in Austin. http://www.draughthouse.com
    You’d like this place, especially the stout German woman whom I have never seen without her cowboy hat and the unfortunate soul (at least, that’s what he would tell you)Rune from the tiny town of Rusk on Hiway 69. yeah baby.

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