Ideas, ideas, ideas.

OK, so I have to write a beer column that’s due today. No problem. I work well under deadline pressure, and it’s not too dificult to bang out 800 words of reasonably coherent prose.

But I lack the one necessary ingrediant: a topic.

So I’m calling upon anyone who A. likes beer, B. has happened across this blog, and C. is bored to such a profound degree that they’ll take the time to hit the “comment” button and suggest a beer-related topic.

It’s your unproductive work day. Make it count.



4 thoughts on “Ideas, ideas, ideas.

  1. Here’s a few:

    1 glasswear
    2 organic movement
    3 scotch ales and the schilling
    4 american barleywine
    5 brut biere of belgium
    6 that’s enough….

  2. You’ve done overrated beers. How about “Best Beer Bargain” – good beer at a low price. Problem is finding an example, of course.

  3. Since you write about craft beers, I wonder if you might write about the problem of shelf life. I may be alone, but I sometimes hesitate to get a really nifty craft beer when I suspect it’s been on the shelf too long, since there is far less turnover on a seasonal beer from Sierra Nevada, for example, than a case of Coors Light. How long is too long, anyway?

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