Boston Redux

What better way to spend a three-day weekend than by travelling to the nation’s most historic city – a city saturated with culture and academia – and swilling a bunch of beer?

That’s how I roll.

We spent a pleasant evening last night in It’s not the best microbrew I’ve had, but it’s pretty good, and the oatmeal stout was pretty on-style and had a tantalizing oak-aged flavor, the source of which I know not.

Who knows what tonight shall bring. On my last trip, the Beer Works was a pleasant surprise, so perhaps another visit to Landsdowne Street is in order. Since you’re undoubtedly on the edge of your seat, I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and I bought a new car. It may be funny-looking, but it’s perfectly suited for travelling to far-flung destinations and bringing home case upon case of interesting beer.



2 thoughts on “Boston Redux

  1. The Element is funny looking. But I’ve heard good things about it. Congratulations. (This coming from the owner of a 2005 Civic.)

  2. Mark, Every red sox fan should get to boston now and again. While you’re on Lansdowne street, be sure to pick up a sox bumper sticker for your new car!

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