Is this…barley wine??

Ran into Pete Malfatti, beer distributor extraordinaire last night. He opened the trunk of his car and passed me over some Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball.

He says it’s a barley wine, says it’s an American strong ale. I says it’s Friday and we’ll find out tonight!


3 thoughts on “Is this…barley wine??

  1. I had a sample of the Hairy Eyeball last night at the Krown, and I found it out of style for a barleywine, too sweet. I’d call it and the Brown Shugga “sweet American strong ale” for want of a better category. Beer Advocate has them in the American strong ale category. Brown Shugga is sweeter, Hairy Eyeball is fruitier, both are too sweet for my usual taste though sometimes I am in the mood for the sugar bomb that is Brown Shugga.

    OTOH, the Olde Gnarlywine, which is classed as an American barleywine, also seems too sweet to be an American barleywine. I prefer them to be more balanced with hops, like Bigfoot and Stone Old Guardian.

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