Relaxing on the Boulevard.

Last night was spent at Rochester’s Boulevard Grill, drinking Ommegang Hennepin and wishing good luck to Ommegang’s Chris Sayre as he leaves his glamour marketing job for a career in the bread industry.

The Boulevard is a pleasant surprise. Owners Mike and Rob are really committed to good beer, and have dedicated plenty of tap space to craft brews. Thanks guys, for some great conversation and great beer.



One thought on “Relaxing on the Boulevard.

  1. Glad that you finally got to check out the Boulevard. I did stop in last month right after I ragged on you about your then (but not now!) lame beer blog. I give it a mixed review. Highlight for me was finding Clipper City Loose Cannon Hop3 Ale on tap. Thats one that I guarantee will never be found down the road at MacGregor’s! The owners were not in when I stopped. Would have liked to talk beer with them. I’ve seen some of their posts on BA before. They seem to be very beer savvy.
    – Jim –

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