An ale for what cures you?

Local Rochester nightclub magnate Ronnie Davis has just opened up a new neon-resplendent establishment near my house. It’s called “The Ale House,” and rumor has it they’ll be focusing on good beer.

I’ve not yet visited, but I have my doubts that a dude who built his nightlife empire on the dispensing of 2 for 1 Coors Light and Sexes on the Beach into giggly, barely legal proto-adults will put together a compelling beer menu. I could be wrong, though.

Anyway, next door, at Monty’s Korner, there’s a high quality, interesting lineup of beers. That’s probably good enough for me.


2 thoughts on “An ale for what cures you?

  1. HAHAHAHA, “giggly barely legal proto-adults”, that’s a classic quote. I couldn’t agree more about Ronnie Davis’ themed yet somehow repetitive nightspots. When I heard that he was opening a “beer bar,” I already knew what it would consist of: Bud, Coors, Miller, Molson, Labatt, along with Blue Moon and Magic Hat for us snobs. From what I understand, they have 12 taps! Wow.

    Have you been there yet to see if it is living up to our low expectations?

  2. I haven’t been thaere yet, and it would be unfair not to give the guy a chance. I did see hordes of squealing 21 year old girls in pumps on their fenced-in back patio yesterday, so I’m guessing most of their business is Michelob Ultra.

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