Bruce is returning to Rohrbach

Well, looks like my friend and co-columnist, Bruce Lish, is returning to work at the Rohrbach Brewing Company.

Bruce was the brewer at Rohrbach’s downtown Rochester location for a couple of years, until it closed. Now that the microbrewery is expanding again, he’s back to brew their specialty ales.

It’ll be a few months before you taste Bruce’s beer, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait. It’s a smart move on Rohrbach’s part.


One thought on “Bruce is returning to Rohrbach

  1. This is great news. Although I lived in the Boston area at the time, whenever I was back in town, I was hanging out at Rohrbach’s on Gregory. I have not made the trek out to Ogden or wherever the heck it is, but I suppose that there are plenty of other places to get a Rohrbach Scotch Ale in town. Any chance that they would consider opening a second location in our increasingly-revitalized downtown? As a Corn Hill resident, I’d definitely be a regular.

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