The bell keeps ringing at beer school

our latest edition of “Beer School,” The Beers of Mexico, seemed to be well-received, but when is free beer and pizza not appreciated?

Pat and myself are gratified by the, uh, demographic breakdown of our Beer School attendees. They skew heavily away from the traditional beer tasting audience. Keep showing up, ladies, and we’ll keep a-pouring!

The next Beer School will be on Thursday, May 17. We’ll be featuring the beers of Munich, Germany. Make no mistake; these are the finest beers in the entire world. If you don’t believe me, you’re wrong.

Come on out and I’ll prove it.



4 thoughts on “The bell keeps ringing at beer school

  1. One of these days I’ll manage to get there — I miss going to school, and school with and about beer is even better.

    But I think you meant *MAY* 17… I don’t want to wait a whole 11 months for the next one. 🙂

  2. Since I am geographically limited and unable to attend your beer school, I wonder if you would indulge me with what beers from Mexico were featured. As close as Mexico is to the USA, I know very little about beers from south of the border. Outside of getting significantly inebriated in Seattle once on $1 Dos Equis, I have not experienced what our southern neighbors have to offer.


  3. Chemgeek, we ran through Tecate, Pacifico, Negra Modelo, Bohemia (the best of the lot) and Corona, just for purposes of comparison.

    Mexican beers kinda fall into two categories: fizzy light lagers and darker, Vienna-style beers from breweries founded by German/Austrian immigrants. Try a Negra Modelo or Bohemia and you won’t be sorry.

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