Guest review time

Calico and I were talking beer a few weeks ago amid the elegant finery of Monty’s Krown. She was talking about some Belgian beers I’d never tried, and later she thoughtfully sent me her review, which I’ve reprinted here (because it makes for a longer blog entry than simply linking to her post).

From Brouwerij Van den Bossche in Belgium, this stout
is unlike any other stout I’ve had. Although the
brewery describes the taste as having caramel and
chocolate notes and a light roastiness (if my reading
of the Dutch is correct), it doesn’t appear to mention
sourness, which is the main note I detected.

I had this on tap in a tulip glass at the Old Toad. My
tasting notes:

Appearance – barely any head, clear mahogany in color.
Some lace.

Aroma – slight lactic sourness mixed with caramel and
raisin notes.

Taste – I’m not getting the nutty roasted flavors I’d
expect in a stout. There is some maltiness, but what
stands out is a mild lactic sourness, surrounded by
dark fruit flavors. Not as sour as a Flanders sour
red, but sour enough to pucker the mouth a little.

Mouthfeel – thin body (again, not what I’d expect in a
stout), finishes pleasantly crisp.

This beer is a bit more like a Baltic porter than like
any kind of stout I’ve had. It feels more like the
6.5% abv stated on the brewery’s website than the 9%
mentioned in some reviews I’ve read on Beer Advocate.
I imagine if I had more than 11 ounces of this I’d be
able to determine how strong it is, but it does not
feel strong. I could drink another one of these. An
odd, but pleasant, brew.


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