Thursday’s beer from the other side of the world: 33

It just so happens that most of the countries on the side of the planet not occupied by me are in Asia. As such, most of the beer is brewed in places without a strong beer culture. Usually this results in thin, fizzy imitations of American mainstream lager brewed with little mind toward character and more rice than the State Department.

Vietnam’s ’33’ is really no exception. The extremely pale yellowish hue evokes Coors Light, although the nose does contain noticeable malt aromas. It’s thin going down, too, finishing with the slightest bitterness, as if the brewers merely waved a hop flower over the already bottled beer. Still, it does have more presence, albeit barely, than the aforementioned Silver Bullet.

A beer like this is out of context in Western New York. It’s brewed in a hot country, so a light, quenching beer might be just what the people want. Also, most of its competition are similar lagers; that style being the most prevalent in Asia.

That said, you’re better off going for a Singaporean Tiger Beer than a 33. This stuff is probably only good for giving your uncle Dave flashbacks to his days in Da Nang.



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