Another work in progress

Rochester’s beer renaissance continues! The Rohrbach Brewing company has closed on their new building and begun the arduous process of moving their main brewery to the new Railroad Street location.

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Rohrbach’s future main production facility, adjacent to the Public Market

The building is huge and old, requiring tons of renovation work. The main brewery will be located downstairs, and there are hopes for an upstairs tasting room somewhere down the line.

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The new main brewing area, with disassembled cooler already moved in.

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Upstairs- hopefully the site of a tasting room

Once the main system is moved over Rohrbach’s current brewpub, Bruce will set up the 7-barrel system from the former Gregory Street location at the Buffalo Road building. He’ll then take over specialty beers, freeing the main brewery to increase production of its principal brews.



One thought on “Another work in progress

  1. This is excellent news, thanks for the heads-up Mark. I take it your reference to the potential for a tasting room in the future means that this will not be a production facility, not a brewpub/restaurant. I do hope Rohrbach’s opens up a city location, whether on Railroad Street or in a more vibrant location. I’ll probably head over to Rohrbachs after the German Fest tonight to celebrate the good news.

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