Beer at the Glen

Sunday we headed down to the Crooked Rooster Pub, home of Roosterfish Brewing, in Watkins Glen, NY. Here’s a crappy picture of their brewing system.

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The Hefeweizen was excellent, as usual; the banana notes popping right out at you, the warm orange color evocative of the Munich Weizens. A Hefeweizen glass would have been a nice touch, but we managed ok with the straight pints

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Bruce and our friend Marlene enjoying the Weizen

I also tried the nut brown, which honestly seemed more of a porter in roastiness, mouthfeel, and finish. There were only three beers on, none of them being a porter. I wonder if the kegs got switched by accident.

For what it’s worth, it was an excellent porter. Roosterfish is one of the most low-key and consistently good breweries in Western New York. The small scale of their operation keeps them under the radar, but the pub at the end of Seneca Lake is worth the drive. Come to think of it, so is the scenery of the Finger Lakes.



3 thoughts on “Beer at the Glen

  1. Am I allowed to take credit for recommending this place to you? I’ve been there a few times now in between wine tasting (Seneca is the best wine trail IMO) and the food and beer are consistently excellent. Too bad we cannot replicate this in our 100 times larger city.

  2. Actually, I gotta give credit to Doug, the brewer and owner. I met him and tasted his beer at the Swain festival, and it freakin’ blew me away!

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