I just learned something. Never order Sam Adams Scotch Ale. My mouth wants to die.


4 thoughts on “Ugh.

  1. That’s somewhat surprising since this used to be a good representation of the style. The SA Scotch was around several years ago and fairly recently was brought back. I haven’t had this since it’s relaunch. Where’d you find this?

  2. The Old Toad is featuring it as a bottle special. There’s no body to speak of, no real aroma or character, and a sickly-sweet finish that goes way beyond the malt sweetness you’d get in a good Scotch ale. Like a small rodent died in the beer.

  3. Interesting. It’s never been a big favorite of mine, but it strikes me as a decent 80 or 90 shilling, certainly it’s not supposed to be a Wee Heavy. Then again, Sam Adams beers that claim to be European styles generally aren’t (Hefe, Cranberry Lambic).

    Thomas loves this stuff. It used to be his beer of choice back in the late 90s when we lived in Bloomington, Indiana. We bought it by the case. Now it’s only available in the Brewmaster’s Collection, which I’ve only seen at BJ’s.

  4. Maybe they changed the formulation since the ’90s. I wonder what effect contract brewing ultimately has on quality control.

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