Guest post: Want a cigar with your beer?

we’re really not cigar guys, but Freetime Reader Tim Knab wrote up an overview of some good spots to relax with a smoke and a brew. As an aside, i’m tolerating Knab’s gratuitous mention of the Red Sox in each freakin’ paragraph, only because he put so much work into the post. -Mark

Tim Knab’s places to have a cigar and a beer in Rochester, NY

1) Don Cisso’s Cigar Factory and Café on State Street just north of Kodak Tower. Cisso’s is a great place that is frequented by every genre of Rochesterian. A favorite among fire and policemen, politicians, white and blue collar workers and even celebrities making a visit to town. Inside you’ll find every flavor of cigar you could imagine, all hand rolled either in the Dominican Republic or in person by resident roller Bonilla. Narcisso Martinez, better known as “Cisso” even after your first visit, always makes people feel like they are long lost friends. Fine wines from around South America, beers such as Dominican “El Presidente” are favorites of the regulars and visitors alike. Cisso is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, but still respects the views of the “Wrong Yankees fans”. His family includes the Alomars of Major League Baseball and they are well represented in pictures on the wall along with others such as Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton that he has met over the years or who have visited his Cigar Factory in Rochester. During your first visit, you’ll learn the etiquette is to introduce yourself to each person seated or standing inside and the faces become familiar with frequent visits.

2) Mr. Nice Guys Smoke Shop Located in the Bathtub Billy’s plaza on Ridge Road West in Rochester. Mr. Nice Guys is a great gathering place for members and those looking to become members of a cigar club. Humidors are able to be rented by members and there is a stocked bar of bottled beers, non-alcoholic beverages and coffees and liquors. Mr. Nice Guys offers pool tables, Golden Tee, Darts as well as one of the largest saltwater tanks I’ve ever seen. The lounge includes leather couches and chairs as well as flat screens up to 70” for watching anything your heart desires practically or playing XBOX in full scale. The Smoke Shop features all of the top names of cigars and the attached accessory shop offers the finest in smoking accessories.

3) Havana Moe’s Cigar Lounge 125 East Avenue, Moe’s is well known to East End clientele and Boston Red Sox fans in town. Moe’s is actually the most “bar like” of the choices above. There is a long wooden bar that flows from the front of the establishment to the back and offers draft beer, bottled beers, full bar and of course a wide selection of cigars. Several games line the side wall and the tables outside on the sidewalk are always full of people enjoying a smoke and drink. Practically every Boston Red Sox game is on one of the TV’s inside and a conversation about Big Papi or Manny can be overheard somewhere. This is a great place to visit or bring visitors that may not like the “Cigar Club” scene as Moe’s feels like a bar that allows you to smoke inside as opposed to a cigar club that allows you to drink.


4 thoughts on “Guest post: Want a cigar with your beer?

  1. At least when you were advertising other peoples beer sites, there were no mention of the Boston Red Sox. Excuse me while I go plan Tim Knab’s demise now.

  2. Trust me Gentlemen, I was just giving the facts of each establishment.

    I am a Diehard Yankees Fan, having braved sitting with the Bleacher Creatures as an “Upstate Milk Farmer” on more than one occasion. Trust me, out there in right center field, you do not come late to the game, leave early or go to the concessions/bathroom too many times or you will be chastised mercilessly.

    White and Blue, Tried and True for this Native Rochesterian.


  3. Cisso is one of the greatest human beings I’ve ever encountered. Definitely pay him a visit at CB’s festival in September.

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