Guest post: Yuengling and brand loyalty

my buddy Marty is an active-duty military guy who hails from Yuengling Country (southeastern Pennsylvania). He’s kinda new to craft beer, but dude is trying his best to make up for lost time. Still, he’s fiercely loyal to his hometown brand, Yuengling. Even though not exactly a producer of craft beer, Yuengling is a proud American regional brewery with tons of heritage. So, without further ado, here are Marty’s views on why Yuengling is the best beer in the world:

  • I would risk my life for Yeungling
  • It is the oldest brewery in America and in my opinion it is the best beer on the planet
  • By the way, I’m from f#8king Delaware. You shouldn’t have a problem with that
  • I would rather drink a Yeungling than land on the moon
  • Yeungling is a form of communion
  • It is the same beverage that inspires many Philadelphia sports fan to bash other fans and to get arrested before the game ends
  • I also have been arrested because of Yeungling
  • Yeungling reminds me of everything good in life
  • If you don’t like Yeungling than there is no point of ever wanting to be friends with me
  • I am not saying that I hate you, I’m just saying that I like Yeungling better than you
  • For Christmas, all I want is a six pack of Yeungling
  • Why, because I f*^kling like it. God bless Yeungling


6 thoughts on “Guest post: Yuengling and brand loyalty

  1. Ahh a man with a good head on his shoulders…
    Nothing better than a fresh Yuengling in the Bottle!
    What great memories I have of growing up in South Central
    PA swilling Yuenglings out in the country… Not to mention
    the 16oz. returnable bottles… We need some of those in NY.

    As we say in PA, Give me a Lager!

    P.S. by the way I picked up 6 pack of Yueg. in the bottles the
    other day at a gas station and was quite annoyed that it didn’t have that great flavor I’m used too – it was really skunky! uhhh.
    Why? Well an email to the brewery that resulted in a call from
    the brewery answered it for me. If Yuengling (in the green bottles)
    isn’t protected from light in can go skunky in less than a half an hour.
    Which they informed that the distributor is supposed to tell the retailer.
    So any six packs in lighted coolers have the chance of being skunky
    therefore I must always buy it in a 12 pack or case (not that I’m complaining)
    So yes everyone that thinks heineken is supposed to be skunky is wrong,
    it’s just been exposed.

  2. Dude, There is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking Yuengling. But if you like it as much as you claim, at least learn how to spell it!

  3. I think he did, a-nonny-mouse.
    The same Skunky problem goes for DosXX and Corona. I had a Yuengling the other night for the first time in about two years. I had forgotten how sweet it is but was reminded how refreshing. Also, I have fallen in love with PA, in spite of its roadways and attitudes, all because I picked up a case of Sierra Nevada for $28!

  4. As far as non-craft, fairly inexepensive beers go, Yuengling is my standard. Grew up in SE PA and have a lot of love for our ‘Lager.’ Kind of wish that same hometown brew love happened up here for Cream Ale…it’s fun when everyone inexplicably loves an ok beer, just because it’s made there.

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