Opening night and Irish music

It’s finally here.

The Tap and Mallet, the best beer bar in the history of the human race (all the way back to the Cenozoic Era) is opening today at 4:30 PM. It’s on Gregory Street in Rochester, NY. This is the only time I could say that some of you readers are unfortunate NOT to reside in Rochester.

Alas, arduous as it may be, it is my journalistic duty to attend the opening. But first I have to go to Swan Market to eat heavy German food and run some Quality Control on their Spaten taps.

Oh, did I mention that Bruce’s beer is on cask at <a href=”http://www.theoldtoad.comThe Old Toad’s Firkin Friday? That’ll be my next stop, after which Bruce and I must head down to <a href=”http://www.montyskrown.comMonty’s Krown to perform in our Irish band (The ‘Sisters of Murphy’)?

Shit, at least we’ll be in the correct frame of mind for Irish music.



3 thoughts on “Opening night and Irish music

  1. I have enjoyed reading through your site and I am impressed with the rich brewing society there in New York…where are you at specifically. I travel for a living and simply review the beers that I try and have not had really much success as of yet but I just do it to get my beer ya ya’s out. Swig beer like an animal and keep up the good work. Ed Macdonald, Lisbon, ND

  2. All Hail Tap & Mallet. That place was hopping Friday nite. Love the artwork too. I heard they’re pictures of ex-cons. Anyone have any info on that?

  3. The pieces on the walls of the Tap & Mallet are portraits found on Rochester’s Crimestoppers. So they are either soon-to-be cons, cons- or ex-cons. MOre or less it depends on time. They are also done by Paul Dodd.

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