A step away from the norm at Monty’s Krown

Monty’s Krown is a cool bar: a well-worn neighborhood dive with a very good IPA selection. Lots of musicians and scenesters hang there, but it’s cool anyway. Plus, they have a “Family Guy” pinball machine.

I like the Krown because it’s comfortable. It fits like an old shoe. The people are laid back, it’s not a meat market, and everyone’s respectful of everybody else, so the vibe is very good.

Anyway, The Krown could always be counted on to have the best IPA selection in town, but not a great deal of variety beyond that. Starting next week, however, Manager Jen Clark will be stocking Duvel (bottled) on a regular basis. And nothing beats good Belgian beer when you’re trying to light up the “Stewie” target in Family Guy Pinball.



2 thoughts on “A step away from the norm at Monty’s Krown

  1. So, after reading this entry, I mentioned Monty’s Krown to my wife (who is from Rochester). She said to me, “Oh, I’ve been there. Remember the time I told you about, the time when I drank way to much Guinness because the bar was having a special, and I ended up throwing up all over the table? It was there.” Haha… She also said they have the best mozzarella sticks she’s ever had.

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