Beer School this Thursday

Oh, how the time flies. Once again, Bruce and I will host Beer School this Thursday at Monty’s Korner, at the corner of East and Alexander in scenic Rochester, New York. This week’s topic: winter ales.

Winter ale is a complex animal; a canvas many brewers use as a showcase of creativity. Often it’s a strong, tawny spiced ale with a great deal of malt sweetness. The spices vary from clove to cinnamon. Every now and then, there’s a hint of cherry, raspberry, or some other weird-ass fruit combination.

If it’s within your power, come join us at 7 pm. The tasting is free, and involves pizza. Hey, it beats the hell out of Christmas shopping.



2 thoughts on “Beer School this Thursday

  1. That sounds good!
    Hi Mark I hope you don’t mind but I added you to my
    blog roll, perhaps you could ad me if you don’t mind.
    I’m giving this blog thing a try for the fun of it, not sure
    what direction it will go but what the hell…

    Did you try that Custom Brewcrafter Cask, Double Dark Cream Porter at Monty’s?
    I thought that was amazing..

    best regards,

  2. I missed the “beer school” tonight. When would the next one be? I’d like to try it out. I make beer as well, although I would say novicely still, but looking for improvement.


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