Rohrbach on the move

It has begun.

The Rohrbach Brewing Company has suspended brewing operations and begun the difficult process of moving their 20-barrel brewing system from their Buffalo Road location to the new facility on Railroad Street in Downtown Rochester. These are big tanks, and they’re jammed into a little room, so it’ll be interesting to see what demolition work becomes necessary in order for this process to be carried out. The ideal is for the move to be completed by the end of Christmas week.

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Rohrbach has their work cut out for them with this move

Once the brewing equipment is moved, the fermentation and storage tanks will go, one by one, as they’re emptied. Following the clearing-out of the current brewhouse, the more compact 7-barrel system from Rohrbach’s former Gregory Street location will be installed, and the restaurant expanded into the rest of the newly-created space.

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The logistical problems are many

Rohrbach’s volume beers (Scotch Ale, Highland, Red Wing Red, etc) will then be produced at Railroad Street, while the specialty beers will be brewed at the Buffalo Road brewpub. The extra production will help with the volume demands imposed by customers like Frontier Field, and will give Rohrbach the ability to expand throughout the region.

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This brewkettle will be up and bubbling by the new year.

By building this new brewery, Rohrbach is not only making an investment in its own growth, but an investment in Rochester. Help them out by visiting the brewpub, grabbing a growler, or by choosing a Rohrbach beer next time you see one on draft.



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