Beer School tonight

The topic: Holiday ales.

Yeah yeah,  I know we just did winter ales, but Monty’s Korner manager Jen Clark is apparently infected with the Christmas Spirit (among other things). Plus, she got her hands on a bunch of these.

Anyway, the beer is free to taste, and there shall be pizza. Plus, I’ll be giving the Xmas present of my company to all in attendance. So show up at Monty’s Korner (Corner of East Ave. and Alexander St. in Rochester, NY) at 7:30 for your special 2oz samples of Christmas cheer.



2 thoughts on “Beer School tonight

  1. I heard a rumor that representatives (or perhaps even head brewers) of all 3 breweries located in Monroe County were going to be there. Can you substantiate this?

  2. No one’s talked to me about it. Robin Kraft from CB did mention some of them were coming down. I know Bruce will be there, skulking in the background as always. No word from Dave Schosser.

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