Beercraft on the road, in Amish Country!

This Friday, I’ll be heading down to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, along with my fellow beercrafters Bruce and Pat. The goal: visit some of those great Southeastern PA breweries I’ve been hearing about, and some of whose beer appears regularly in my fridge. I’m pretty jazzed on hitting Stoudt’s. There’s a lot of positive buzz about their beers, which are unavailable here in Upstate New York. The Victory Brewing Company also figures highly on my list. Of course, any recommendations from readers would be most welcome.

It’s tempting to try to hit Monk’s in Philly as well, but that seems a bit ambitious for a weekend road trip. So we’ll stick to the Lancaster region and enjoy the rustic rusticness, old-style folkways, and annoying furniture-hunting tourists from NYC.



3 thoughts on “Beercraft on the road, in Amish Country!

  1. Sounds like you guys are going to have a lot of fun this weekend. I did the PA DUTCH beer tour this past Labor Day weekend and ended up hitting 9 breweries in 3 days. We stopped at The Bullfrog in Williamsport and also Selin’s Grove on the drive down Rte. 15. We camped in Manheim right off of the turnpike and stopped at the following places: Appalachian Brewing and Troeg’s in Harrisburg, Bube’s in Mount Joy, Lancaster Brewing in Lancaster, Stoudt’s in Adamstown followed by Union Barrel Works just 10 minutes down the road from Stoudts and lastly the Swashbuckler which was part of the PA Renaissance Faire in Manheim.
    If you get anywhere near Mount Joy, then you absolutely must stop at Bube’s just to tour the building. Ask the hostess for a tour. I’ve never been in any building quite like this… very cool even though their own beer was mediocre at best.
    You guys will also like Troeg’s. Heavy on the free samples (I got buzzed) and one of the best most fully stocked gift shops of any microbrewery that I have ever visited. Sadly there are no current plans for them to distribute in NY and if they do it will be downstate first. Have fun and take lots of pictures. Looking forward to hearing how you did.

    – Jim –

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