New beginnings

Surfers will tell you about waves, how you can go to a great spot, but there’s an element of luck in catching the good ones, and even the best will eventually release its rider and dissipate against the shore.

For the past 8 years, I’ve been surfing a wave of beer. And it was a great one to catch. My timing was fortuitous; my beer writing came of age along with the craft beer movement, which in truth rapidly outgrew my attempts to cover it with any authority.  Through beer writing, I have made many friends (as well as a few enemies),  laughed and shot the shit with a lot of fascinating people, and learned about business, entrepreneurship and the power of the human will. Oh, and I drank three lifetimes’ worth of awesome beer.


But as waves inevitably do, this one lost its energy. The scene blew up, and it continues to do so (we gained over 260 breweries in the last year alone) A new crop of beer lovers, many with more enthusiasm, drive and capability than myself, drove the new scene. Twitter and Facebook allowed me to shorten my writing into easily emittable chunklets. As for my print column, after 120 installments, I was frankly out of shit to say about beer.

This is all a roundabout, metaphorically tortured way of apologizing.

The beer scene is better than ever. There are more topics, interesting people, and wonderful beers than ever before. I’m sorry about the decline of my writing in both quality and quantity but I am not getting out of the saddle.

I’m moving the blog back to wordpress’ server; I’m sick of trying to run my own box in my bedroom and I can do more with it here. This is not going to be the permanent look, but it will suffice until I can get Photoshop up and running on this damn expensive new laptop, the purchase of which I’m using this blog to partially justify.

So bear with me. I’ve still got some chops, and new ideas are flowing. And I’m a really shitty surfer.





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