Beercraft column: Rochester gets its own Beer Week

Beer Week organizer Chris Schultheis

Boston has one. So do Philadelphia and San Diego. Across the country, big cities celebrate their vibrant beer scenes with annual week-long events.

This summer, Rochester will join the elite during Rochester Real Beer Week. The event kicks off with the Rochester Real Beer Expo on June 15th and runs through June 23.

”It’s a natural extension of last year’s Real Beer Expo,” says Chris Schultheis, Bar Manager of The Tap and Mallet and creator of the event.”Between that success, and the way the Rochester Brewing scene has matured over the past few years, we thought it was a good opportunity to create a great event.”

The Tap and Mallet is spearheading Real Beer Week, and they’ve partnered with pubs, breweries, distributors and retail beer stores throughout The Greater Rochester area. participating merchants will offer special tastings, discounts and premium real beer selections.

”Any place that serves good beer, sells good beer, and has made a commitment to beer as a staple is invited.” Schultheis says.

Many participating venues will use the  week as an opportunity to introduce real beer to a wider audience, holding beer and food pairings, and special tastings that give people the chance to talk face-to-face with the brewers who make all thats delicious local beer.

Schultheis hopes that Real Beer Week will really shine a light on what those local brewers are making. The explosion of artisan breweries in the surrounding reason is one of the main factors that make the festival possible.

In terms of popularity and production, real beer is still growing explosively, and Schultheis expects that to fuel expansion of Real Beer Week over the coming years. He envisions Jazz Fest-style VIP badges, or tickets that Offer entry to multiple events.

For this first year, however, he is content to. Keep things light and relatively informal, letting the venues sort out how things will go.

Judging from the enthusiastic crowds at last year’s Real Be Expo, the crowds are here and they’re thirsty. Who knows? Maybe one sunny summer week of fine beer just won’t be enough.

The week’s itinerary and calendar of events is at, and the current list will grow as partners and activities are added.

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