3 Head’s ‘The Common Man’ releases in Rochester today.

I’ll be writing a fair bit about this one. The beer that will, as 3Heads co-owner Geoff Dale described it, “unite the common beer drinker and the hardcore beer geek” has arrived.

Of course, since these guys don’t do anything normal, it’s a California Common ale (St*am B**r to those of you who aren’t trademark layers for the Anchor Brewery). It’s a jury-rigged style developed during the California gold rush that uses lager yeast, but ferments it at warmer ale temperatures. The result is an interesting hybrid with much of a lager’s crispness, but crazy esters hanging around in the background.

The Common Man lives up to its billing; it’ll be my choice for many a summer beer on the patio of the Tap and Mallet this year. It leans clean, with a pronounced, heavy body (sort of like a Helles), and an intense bitter snap that could be toned down just a hair to turn it into a world-class refresher. At 5.5%, it’s pretty damn sessionable as well.

You can get The Common Man right now at The Tap and Mallet (which I think I’ll go do), and it’ll be launching all around Rochester this evening. They’re launching it with a big pub crawl. If you see the 3 Heads guys come stumbling into your bar tonight, you’ll know what to order.



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