My Secret Garden

It’s not a bar. It’s not fancy. It’s exactly what this town needs and, frankly, I’ll probably regret telling you about it.

Just when I thought every cool beer spot in Rochester to be overwhelmed by fellow beer lovers, I have found a small slice of bliss at Malt & Market’s new beer garden. Owner Rohn Wallace converted the outdoor area behind his Monroe Ave specialty beer store and deli into an agreeable, peaceful little fenced-in beer garden. You can buy a growler of whatever five beers are on tap, or select single beers out of the specialty case, and enjoy them on premises outside in the sun or under shady table umbrellas. It’s a concept you find all over Europe, and it works well here too.

The kicker is, nobody knows about this place. Wallace has not really marketed the beer garden, and both times I’ve been there, my buddies and I were the only patrons. This makes it a hell of an alternative to expensive, crowded pubs. It’s not so good for Wallace though. He could use the business. Stop in, grab a beer and escape the world for an hour.



2 thoughts on “My Secret Garden

  1. Stopped by for a beer @ Malt & Market last friday after Pho at SEA across the street. The garden is a nice spot away from the bustle on Monroe and a spot I’ll be interested in revisiting. Nice selection of bottled and draft beer. We had a draft summer ale which went well in the intense heat. Check it out!

  2. We stopped by again after Pho and the beer on tap was just as fresh as last time. There’s potential on that corner just as when it was a thriving bookstore. I’m not local to that neighborhood or I’d check in during the week to see how business is. Its funky enough to be an anytime place. I hope it lasts and thanks for mentioning it.

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