Genesee Brew House to open next week

ImageThe new Genesee Brew House pub and small-batch brewery is now ensconced in its renovated building overlooking Rochester’s High Falls. The official opening is September 8. 

Rochester beer lovers have wanted more connection with their principal hometown brewery for years, but until North American Breweries began calling the shots, the building remained an impregnable fortress. The Brew House will change that. What goes on tap remains to be seen, but with a portfolio full to bursting with brands like Pyramid, Kona, Dundee and Blue Point, expect a wide gamut of style and flavors.

Those brands, however, won’t offer much to excite the more dedicated craft beer lover. Let’s hope the brewers at the new microbrewery will show off their chops with the occasional beer that’s a little bigger, a tad more aggressive, and flavorful enough to make us Rochesterians proud. You can’t get away with that in gigantic four-story brewkettle, but on the smaller system, specialty beers should be no problem at all. 



The place looks pretty sharp. It’ll be interesting to see what comes out of their kettle.



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