“National IPA Day” shows what’s wrong with America.

Apparently it’s “National IPA Day.” I somehow missed the dedication ceremony. Jeez, you’d think with the shitstorm about Snowden, Benghazi, and every other American crisis, President Obama might be a little too busy to declare this little holiday, but I can’t think of how else this got done. Maybe he had Eric Holder announce it.

It’s probably just another example of politicians caving to the Big Craft Beer lobby. Our Elected representatives caving to the bushels of money thrust at them by such MegaCraft breweries as Stone and Dogfish Head, to destroy Americans’ freedom of choice by influencing ordinary, God-fearing citizens to eschew the beers they normally like in favor of giant, flavorful, hoppy craft IPAs.

And don’t even get me started on the tax dollars wasted. What is the government doing with our hard-earned money, all so Big Craft Beer can sell more IPA to the 1%?

I say “NAY!” Even on a sacred holiday like this, even when they STILL insist on keeping beer out of our schools, it is up to EVERY true American to stand proud, and pour a glass of whatever beer style they feel like having at the time, hop bomb or no.

I say to the CraftBeer Industrial Complex, you can take my Pilsner when you pry it from my cold, drunk fingers.


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