An underrated beer nation

The Old Toad, my local beer bar, is featuring Okocim Lager from Poland on draft. Once again, they pull out a beer you NEVER get on tap here in the USA.

Anyway, several pints of it got me thinking; when it comes to beer, why doesn’t Poland have the same cache as the Czech Republic? This is the nation in which Okocim produces not only its lager, but a dark, sweet Baltic Porter that’s every bit as iconic of its style as Pilsner Urquell or Budvar is of the Pils genre. And Okocim is just one Polish porter producer. There’s also Zywiec, Dojlidy, and the colorfully named Black Boss.

Unfortunately, in the USA, Poland is known for very little except the odd light-bulb joke. I think it’s time they got their due when it comes to beer.



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